Genealogy Files Index for MYERS.GED

A tiered index of all of the People

A definition of tier (noun):
  1. One of a series of rows placed one above another: a stadium with four tiers of seats.
  2. A rank or class.
In this case since we are talking about some 3610 individuals,
it seems best to provide an index in steps. This way you search
for a pair of names that includes the name you are looking for
click on the link and repeat until you find the one you want.

Start here:

Index Root

A list of all of the Surnames

There are 1031 surnames in MYERS.GED.
This file provides a single page indexed access to
to them as another means of finding a person or persons
of interest.


A list of all of the Sources

These are the source records for MYERS.GED.
While these are used for a wide variety of things, they were
primarily designed to provide a bibliographic description of a
particular sited source.

Source (S1)
Source (S2)
Source (S3)
Source (S4)

A table of Statistics

At the moment, this is a fairly simple table
that provides the number of families, people,
repositories and sources used in MYERS.GED.


      Hugh S. Myers