A lot of people have become interested in their family history. Few have received such a gift as Jourdan Myers has given our family. It is much easier to 'do' genealogy if you already know who your ancestors are!

In publishing an 'ebook' edition of the family history, I've tried to preserve the original as much as possible. Most of my work will not in fact be visible, but behind the scenes, things such as hyper links, cross referencing, names database and such like. I hope that I will have made things better and I hope that I will have been lucky enough to extend this history.

With this last in mind, any reader who has a missing piece of any of the puzzles in this work, please let me know. With your help we can make this a collaborative on-going work that will continue on and on…

The Scottish Shannon family is a sept of Clan McDonald of the Isles. The Shannon name may have derived from seanchaidh (pronounced shan-a-chie), which translates as "the tradition-bearer; story-teller," and originated along the Southwestern coast of Scotland. The Shannons were Dalriatic Celts associated with an important family of poets, the MacMhuiraichs, who came from Ireland during 11th-12th century and held a high position with the ruling laird, MacDonald of the Isles. Many were musicians and there are many graveslabs in the area a Kintyre and the Isles containing the harp, icon of the Seanchadh.

The Myers family connection to the Shannon family begins with the wife of Roy Myers, (my grandfather) Eliza Jane Huffman. Her mother was Jane Shannon and in turn, her father was Hugh Shannon which provides my own connection (and my first and middle name). Because of this last, I've always been fascinated with the 'Irish' in me!

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