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More than 30 years of intensive, professional programming experience in microcomputer—based software design, ranging from conceptual design through development, documentation, installation, user education, and troubleshooting. Extremely versatile; projects have ranged from business and scientific applications to architectural design and game software. Most recently created a major release of the Internet Chess Club's Chess Client, BlitzIn. This involved extensive work, embedding a customized browser as well as developing the target web site. Within the last 5 years, designed and produced a major database system for Capital One, allowing a mix of real—time information access and asynchronous dialer technology, coupled with a user friendly interface. Previously, developed the PC based portion of a government database designed to track implementation of Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Experience also includes CADD systems management, software marketing, and classroom software training (as instructor). In an ongoing effort to 'Pay forward', developed various chess related modules for CPAN (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) as well as several volumes contributed to the 'C' User's Group—Number Theoretical and Extended Precision Numeric packages.


C, Perl, Python, C++, FORTRAN, FORTH, PASCAL, LISP, Scheme, VISUAL BASIC; assemblers (370, LSI—11, 80xx, 80X86/7, 6502, 680xx, etc.); network operating systems, Lantastic and TCP/IP; operating systems (RSTS/E, RT—11, UNIX (LINUX), MS—DOS, WINDOWS (3.x, 95, 98, NTx), OS2, CP/M); web related, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL.


2008 — Present DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMER Aliphant, Santa Cruz CA.
This involves text extraction and analysis with an eye towards semantic content.
Primary Language/s used: PERL(5.8 — 5.12), Lisp(Allegro)

2004 — 2008 WEB DEVELOPER H M Bogner & Associates, Half Moon Bay CA.
Designed prelimanary versions of a new web site for Chess Express. In the process, trained and assisted the original designers (and owners) in more current dialects of Perl.
Primary Language/s used: PERL(5.8), SQL(mySQL),HTML

2002 — 2004 CONTRACT PROGRAMMER Internet Chess Club, Pittsburgh, PA.
Created version 2.5 of ICC's Internet client BlitzIn©. Implemented internal web browser and developed client web for players. This was a step towards converting the application from traditional client based to a more flexible web base environment. Extensive work in client—server software in a real–time environment.
Primary Language/s used: C++ (VC++ 6.0), PERL(5.8), SQL(mySQL),HTML

2001 — 2002 TECHNICAL EDITOR Micron Technologies Incorporated, Boise, Idaho
Developed a database driven Web and Help system for in–house applications. This project involved 'Generative Programming', hence the need for an experienced software developer also capable of sufficient technical writing skills to develope the necessary material. Further, built support utilities (menu editor, emacs package, perl scripts, etc.) as needed to support both the applications as well as the documentation project.
Primary Language/s used: PERL(5.6), SQL(Access), XML, XSL, XSLT, Lisp, VB6, HTML, DHTML, XHTML HTML

2000 — 2001 WEB DEVELOPER H M Bogner & Associates, Half Moon Bay CA.
Worked on a typical Linux/Apache web server providing programming and related skills. Developed a database driven EBook site for client.
Primary Language/s used: PERL(5.6), SQL(mySQL), HTML

1999 — 2000 CONTRACT PROGRAMMER Alternative Resources Corp.
Worked as sub–contractor with Capital One as sole client. Designed and implemented CROI (Credit Recovery Operations Interface), a 3–tier database system in VC++ and VB6. Front tier user interface in VB6, middle tier in VC++(ATL–based COM component.) Far tier was in Oracle 8.01. Initially part of a 4–man team, later developed individual efforts and specializations as needed for an on–going production system. Particular work included implementation of the VB6/Mosaix Dialer Asynchronous interface. As well, produced a document preparation subsystem (fax and print). Helped set a corporate–wide record for shortest (less than 90 days) design to production of a major database system.
Primary Language/s used: C++ (VC++ 6.0), Visual Basic (VB 6.0)

1993 — 1999 FREELANCE PROGRAMMER Various.
Worked as a contractor or freelance programmer for numerous projects, including: Implemented sound and video portions of Kasparov’s Gambit© , a master level chess program, for Electronic Arts.
Primary Language/s used: C++ (Borland C++ 5.01), Assembler (Tasm)
Under a long–term contract, developed the PC portion of ADMS©, a tracking system used by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to cover implementation of Access for the Handicapped legislation.  This was taken from initial development under DOS to a prototype of WEB–based system.
Primary Language/s used: C++ (GCC), Clipper (5.1), Visual Basic (VB 4.0, VB 5.0)
Wrote device drivers for Saitek’s PC Auto Chessboard©
Primary Language used: Assembler (Tasm)
Developed RetiBoard©, a Windows—based platform for electronic books as hypertext, for Hypermodern Press.
Primary Language/s used: C++ (Borland C++ 4.51)
Developed user interface for Zane’s Eric Schiller’s Chess©, a computer chess program with emphasis on education. Under contract to Strat Labs, developed another chess program.
Primary Language/s used: C++ (Borland C++ 4.51)

1991 — 1993 APPLICATIONS PROGRAMMER Morrison Knudsen Corporation, Boise.
For MK’s Environmental Group, handled the entire software development cycle, covering preparation of specifications, implementation of specifications into code, preparation of test data, and final testing and debugging. Evaluated and modified existing programs or initiated new programs to accommodate changes in system requirements and equipment configurations. Worked with documentation specialists to prepare system and application—specific materials. Designed and built the Worker Exposure Tracking System for MK’s U.S. Department of Energy Superfund project at Weldon Spring, Missouri.
Primary Language/s used: Fox Pro, Clipper (5.1), C++ (Borland 4.0)

As part of a software design team, developed and marketed 1Dir©, a copyrighted file management and menuing package for IBM PC and PC—compatible microcomputer systems. Participated in ongoing maintenance and revision, and contributed to  1DirPlus© in 1987. Later, played an integral role in developing Bourbaki’s fractal—based mathematical—graphical entertainment software; lead programmer for FracTools© and sole programmer for FracZooms©.
Primary Language/s used: C (Borland Turbo C), C++ (Borland Turbo C++, Zortech C++). Assembler (Masm, Tasm)

1983 — 1985 PARTNER Bazeghi Myers & Associates.
Managed research and development of architectural software and supervised computer—assisted design systems for architectural projects. Also researched and selected new and enhanced hardware and software for company applications. A special project during this period involved design and development of an Arabic word processing package, AshKal©.
Primary Language/s used: C (Borland Turbo C), Assembler (Tasm)

1982 — 1983 CHIEF OF PROGRAMMING Austin & Lindberg.
Information systems consultant to management, specializing in methods to minimize the "microprocessor impact." Developed course materials and presented seminars on computer systems and applications to business clients.

1978 — 1982 SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER Latah, Inc.
Systems and applications programming for turnkey microprocessor based small business systems. Designed, specified, and developed custom applications for business users, provided onsite troubleshooting and consultation, and trained clients in the use of microcomputers and software packages.  Supervised programmers and developed utilities used by the staff. 
Primary Language/s used: Micropolis Basic, Cbasic, Assembler (Masm)

1977 — 1978 COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST State of Idaho, Department of Administration.
Initiated, tracked, and updated licensing of all state owned radio communications equipment. Developed a computerized FCC license database system accessed by a series of EASYTRIEVE report programs run on the Department of Transportation mainframe.
Primary Language/s used: EasyTrieve

As editor of a large circulation post newspaper, researched and wrote feature stories and columns, supervised staff, proofread and edited copy, and assisted in distribution. Received citation from Department of Defense for co–authorship of reports investigating civilian price gouging of military dependents.  Awarded Bronze Star while serving in Vietnam as combat photographer/journalist. Received honorable discharge at the grade of Specialist E–5.




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