This is still a site under construction…

and probably always will be, but from time to time you can expect to see changes on this page as I get a handle on web authoring and related arcana. What you might expect, ‘Deem it not all a too presumptuous folly’:

You can also be sure that this list will grow over time as the will the site.

Update: Well I'm not sure the list will change, but and as time allows, the contents of the site will change.

Note: in order to check for dust, remember that the little New image is only as new as the last modified date down below in the footer! And even that may be missleading as I copy too and frough from the web site to my local machine for editing— the software I use for that doesn't preserve date stamps so everything might will seem more current than it is!

Newer Note: while not blindingly obvious, I've added a new section to the list of 'things'— it's a link to my Picasa Photo Album or in this case, my Painting Gallery! It has not been added to the menu bar overhead as I'm thinking about doing that the 'right' way, such that I only have to change it in one place. We'll see! Enjoy anyway!

Yet Newer Note: just to add to the noise/confusion, you will also see another little image. This is similer to the 'New' image, but a bit more accurate!

My stance on the following issue will not change— not now, not ever!

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